• We use well published books, which emphasize language skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking. It is systematically written according to the curriculum set up by the Education Department in Hong Kong.
  • Daily homework includes writing new characters, writing sentences and exercises in language skills.
  • For lower grades, we put more emphasis on the correct way of holding pens and the correct way of writing characters.
  • For higher grades, students are taught how to use a dictionary so that they are able to learn Chinese on their own in the future.
  • Besides learning from the book, students also learn poems, proverbs, idioms and games in Chinese which may increase students’ interest in learning Chinese.
  • We also teach Chinese culture and values such as paying respect to parents, teachers and the elders, good manners, honesty and integrity.


  • The program is designed with reference to the Ontario and the Asian curriculum. The aim is to strengthen students’ mathematical skills so that they can attain better results in school.
  • Emphasis is put on both computational skills and problem solving skills so that students will improve their ability in logical reasoning.
  • Graded examples, class work and homework are well written and easy for students to understand. A considerable amount of drilling exercise helps students to build a solid foundation in Math.
  • Lessons are all taught in English and word problems are taken from daily life situations.


  • Different areas, including listening, speaking, reading and writing, are emphasized.
  • Assignment includes vocabulary, reading comprehension, grammar and writing exercises.
  • Lessons are taught by locally trained teachers or native speakers. Discovery methods are used and students are given much opportunity to discuss.
  • Writing classes are for Grade 7 students and up. Different types of paragraphs, essays and writing skills are taught in detail. With ample practice on writing and feedback from teachers, students’ writing skills will be greatly enchanced.
  • Public Speaking class is designed for Grade 5 students and up. Students are given opportunity to learn the art of communication in different scenarios. Through various activities, they will learn to improve their speaking techniques, facial expression and body language. They will also gain confidence, improve their social skills and develop a positive character. These will be helpful in their class presentation and leadership roles in their school.


  • We follow the local curriculum and start with the basics.
  • Students learn new words, sentences and grammar.
  • The beginner class is specially designed for beginners so that it will help them learn French at school.
  • It is taught by French teachers. Emphasis is put on listening, speaking and vocabulary building.