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New students are required to write an allocation test for enrolling Level 3 to 12 Math or English Languages programs to be eligible of changing levels during school year free of charge. $10 is charged for the test of each course. The allocation test is to make sure students join the most suitable class for them.

(1) In person
Parents are invited to come to our office to read the curriculum in detail, choose the program, time and campus to be enrolled. Then fill in the registration form and hand it in with a cheque.

(2) By email
Download the Registration Form, Registration Information and Registration Guideline. Type in the Registration Form and calculate the total amount. E- transfer the exact amount of tuition fee to the email address as indicated in the Registration Form. Email the completed form as an attachment to our office:

Notes to In-person class students:
(1) In-person class students are required to provide us a Gmail address for exclusive use in our school to receive our messages.
(2) In case of school closures for any reason, we will continue our classes online on those days.
(3) Students will join the Google Classroom set up for their classes. Sometimes, teachers may post announcements in the Google Classroom.
(4) Math Level 5 to 9 teachers will post the homework answers on the Google Classroom on Fridays. Students can do the correction before they submit their homework on Saturdays. If they have difficulty doing the correction, they can ask their teachers during the lesson.

Student’s Gmail account is required to join our Google Classroom. Please sign up a Google Account for the student in the following format:
firstname{number 2-9}

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