Our Mission

The mission of our Learning Centre is to provide learning opportunities for students of our community in their leisure time, to enrich their language skills and mathematics skills and to help them to attain a better result in their school work.

At the same time, we also provide opportunities for students to develop their interest and potentials, such as drawing and badminton.

Our Courses



I. All teachers are qualified and experienced
• Our teachers are experienced teachers. They either graduated from universities or colleges of education.

II. Our programs are professionally designed and taught in depth
• Teachers follow the curriculum closely. During the lesson, besides clear instruction from the teacher, there is also time for questions and discussion to ensure effective learning.
• Every five to eight lessons, there is a test for evaluation so that students, parents and teachers may know the progress of the students.

III. One level in one class to ensure Efficiency
• When students first join our program, they are required to write an allocation test to make sure that they will be allocated to the right class, not too difficult nor too easy for them.
• All students in the same class are at the same level so that they can learn effectively.

IV. It is run by experienced school administrators
• Ms Anita Fung and Mr William Kwong are well experienced both in teaching and school management.
• They know the Ontario curriculum and the need of the students and often revise the program accordingly.
• They constantly keep in contact with teachers and parents, welcoming ideas and advices for improvement. (see About Our Principals)

V. There are campuses at different locations for parents to choose.
• Parents can choose the campus that is nearest home or most convenient for them.
• On Saturdays, there are two campuses in Markham and Richmond Hill :
1. Bur Oak Secondary School (16th Ave / McCowan)
2. Richmond Green Secondary School (Lesile / Elgin Mills)
• On weekdays and Saturdays, students can learn at home through Virtual Classroom using live conference apps.

VI. Tuition fee is reasonable and affordable
• Annual tuition fee starts at $460, including books and material fee.
• School year starts in September and ends in June of the following year.
• Each lesson is either one hour and fifteen minutes, two hours or two hours and forty five minutes long.

VII. Certificates are given to students for encouragement
• Besides quizzes in class, there are usually three to four tests during the year. Students can make use of these opportunities to review their lessons and parents will know their progress from the test results.
• At the end of the school year, students who have attained an “A” in their average and “Excellence” in “Learning Attitude” will obtain “Award of Excellence